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MC Jethro 00S3
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MC Real Deal 541R3
BWCC Ms Real Deal 889W8 MC Ms Extravagant 889P4

Tattoo: 889Y2
Born: 2/14/2011
Birth Wt: 76 lbs
From:  Mound Creek Ranch, TX
  • **Available in Sexed Male ONLY**
  • 889Y2 is a “no holes” bull that excels for carcass merit, ranking in the Top 10% of the breed for REA and Top 15% for IMF. Ideal daughter-maker in a calving ease package! Recommended for heifers and cows.
  • Backed by a powerful maternal pedigree, the 889 cow family had 11 bulls ratio from 104 to 122 for ADG in the 2013 Genetic Development Center Bull Test in a stout contemporary group of 115 Brangus bulls.
  • 889Y2 has displayed high fertility with large fixed-time AI breedings, achieving over 70% conception in Brazil.